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Title [sv]
Wyner-Ziv-kodning för storskalig ansiktsbildigenkänning
Title [en]
Is Wyner-Ziv coding a core technique enabling next generation face recognition technology for large-scale face image retrieval?
Abstract [sv]
Great progress in face recognition technology has been made recently. Such advances will provide us the possibility to build a new generation of search engine: Face Google, searching from person photos. It is very challenging to find a person from a very large or extremely large database which might hold face images of millions or hundred millions of people. The indexing technology used in most commercial search engines like Google, is very efficient for text-based search, unfortunately, it is no longer useful for image search. A working solution is to scan partial information (signature) about all the face images. The retrieval speed is approximately proportional to the size of a signature image. In this project we will study a totally new way to compress the signature images based on the observation that the face signature images and the query images are highly correlated if they are from the same individual. The face signature image can be greatly compressed (one or two orders of magnitude improvement) by use of knowledge of the query images. We can expect the new compression algorithm to speed up face search 10 to 100 times. The challenge is that query images are not available when we compress their signature image. Our approach is to transfer the face search problem into the so-called Wyner-Ziv Coding problem, which could give the same compression efficiency even if the query images not are available until we decompress the signature image.
Principal InvestigatorLi, Haibo
Coordinating organisation
Umeå University
2010-01-01 - 2012-12-31
DiVA, id: project:963Project, id: 2009-04489_VR

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